Introduction: How to Make a Rooster Costume

There’s nothing cuter than a newly walking toddler flopping around in a chicken costume for Halloween. But when mom wants a baby chicken, and dad wants something "cooler" for his son, the resulting compromise is the most adorable of roosters!

With just a handful of very accessible items, you too can make this amazing costume for your little one. Kids really grow up so fast, and the photo ops and memories you create with your baby rooster will be priceless. And with a detachable rooster butt, this costume will stand up against even the most active of chickens!

Step 1: Materials

  • - 1 hooded vest
  • - 3 6' feather boas
  • - assorted accent feathers ranging from 4"-8" length
  • - 2 sheets red felt
  • - 3 sheets yellow felt
  • - 7 popsicle sticks
  • - elastic cord, approximately 2 yards total length
  • - red chunky baby blanket yarn
  • - 2 Styrofoam half spheres
  • - 2 small googly eyes
  • - 1 plastic takeout container bowl
  • - parachute cord, about 6 inches total length
  • - 2 parachute cord safety buckles
  • - needle and thread
  • - glue gun

Step 2: Assembling the Rooster Body

  1. Cut appropriate lengths of elastic cord to run across the front and back of the vest, leaving the zipper and arm holes clear. I found it best to run the cord in 2 horizontal lines, one across the chest and one across the belly (with similar positions across the back of the vest). Using the needle and thread, sew just the ends of the cord to the vest.
  2. Feed the feather boas through underneath the elastic cord in an up and down fashion from the front to the back of the vest. Use thread to secure sections of the boas to the elastic cord to prevent shifting.
  3. Using a hot glue gun, attach some of the accent feathers along the shoulders of the vest and fill in holes as needed.

Step 3: Assembling the Rooster Head

  1. Using the 2 pieces of red felt, cut out 2 equal hand shaped pieces. This will serve as the rooster's "comb" on the top of its head.
  2. Place a popsicle stick inside the two pieces of felt for structure and use the glue gun to glue the two sides together.
  3. Using a piece of yellow felt, cut out a triangle about 4" in length. This will serve as the rooster's beak. Glue the beak onto the front end of the rooster comb.
  4. Glue a Styrofoam half sphere onto either side of the rooster comb, and affix a googly eye to each.
  5. Using the chunky baby blanket yarn, line around the edges of the Styrofoam half spheres, and leave 2 ends of excess as "waddle" hanging from the rooster's beak.
  6. Your rooster head should now be one single piece consisting of the comb, eyes, and beak. Use needle and thread to affix the rooster head to the hood of your vest.

Step 4: Assembling the Rooster Feet

  1. Use the yellow felt pieces to create your rooster feet. Start by gauging the size needed - your hand span should be a good approximation to use. You will want to cut a hole about 3" in diameter at the point where your wrist starts on the felt. This will be the hole in which your child's foot will fit through.
  2. Stack 3 popsicle sticks together and then fan them out to approximately the width of your hand. Use a glue gun to glue the ends of the popsicle sticks together, then affix the entire piece onto the yellow felt, with the glued end at the point where your wrist was, and the fanned out ends on the other side of the felt. This will give your rooster feet structure even as your child is running around.
  3. Cut around the fanned out popsicle sticks to create a 3-pointed foot, and complete by cutting about 1" on the outside of your original circle, to create a loop that will sit around your child's ankles.
  4. Using one of your child's shoes, cut a piece of elastic cord long enough to run around the bottom of the shoe to the top. Use the glue gun to attach each end of the elastic cord to the center of the popsicle sticks. When your child wears the rooster feet, their feet will go through the loop end first, then the elastic cord should wrap over the toe of their shoe and sit on under the soles.
  5. Repeat these steps with the second piece of yellow felt for the second foot.

Step 5: Assemble the Detachable Rooster Butt

  1. Cut 2 small holes on either side of the takeout container bowl.
  2. Cut 2 lengths of parachute cord, each about 3" in length. Feed a cord through each hole, then slip each end into a plastic buckle and use a lighter to burn the ends to secure the cord inside the buckle.
  3. Use your glue gun to affix your remaining accent feathers to the bowl, making sure to position the feathers in an upward and outward spray type fashion. The more feathers you have for this the better, as the tail feathers are one of the most impressive parts of a rooster!

Step 6: Dressing Your Rooster

  1. Complete this ensemble with some yellow leggings and an orange long sleeve shirt.
  2. Slip your child's feet through the rooster foot loops. Rest the rooster foot on top of your child's shoe, and wrap the elastic cord over the toe to the underside of the sole.
  3. Zip your child up in the rooster body vest, and pull the hood up over his/her head.
  4. Attach the rooster butt to the costume by clipping the buckles to the elastic cord that was sewn into the back of the vest in the very first step. This rooster butt can be kept on as long as a child will last with it, or removed at any time to allow for free play without obstruction!

Step 7: Tips for Where to Buy Things

  1. Hooded vest: Carter's
  2. Boas and feathers: eBay
  3. Popsicle Sticks: JoAnn Fabric (or any craft store)
  4. Felt sheets: JoAnn Fabric (or any craft store)
  5. Styrofoam half spheres: floral supply section of any craft store)
  6. Googly eyes: any craft store
  7. Chunky blanket yarn: any craft store
  8. Parachute cord: JoAnn Fabric
  9. Parachute cord safety buckles: JoAnne Fabric
  10. Elastic cord: JoAnne Fabric

Step 8:

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