Introduction: How to Make a Rose Out of Duct Tape

By: MacKayla Myers


  • 1 or more colors of duct tape
  • scissors or knife
  • skewers

Step 1: Step 1

•Cut skewer to the desired length of the flower. Your rose can have a longer stem or shorter. It is up to you. For this example I cut the skewer in half.

Step 2: Step Two

•Cut a piece of duct tape and fold the corners leaving a space open at the bottom.

Step 3: Step Three

•Place the triangle duct tape down with sticky side facing up.

•Take skewer and place it to one side of the duct tape and start to roll. Roll until petal has formed

Step 4: Step Four

•Continue step 3

•Roll up triangles so that the tips of the triangles are on opposites sides.

•Continues this step for 2 more rounds of petals.

Step 5: Step Five

•After the starting petals are all rolled up start placing the next petals so that they just lay on top of each other.

•This will make the rose open up.

Step 6: Step Six

•Continue Step 5 until you reached the desired size of your rose.

•You can switch between duct tape colors.

Step 7: Step Seven

•Turn the flower down and you will see the layers of the petals.

•Cut a piece of duct tape that matches the color of the last petals. Place them so it covers the layers

Step 8: Step Eight

•Cut another smaller piece of the same color duct tape and start to make the stem of the flower.

•You can continue this step to the very end of the skewer or you can add a leaf in the next step.

Step 9: Step Nine

•Cut a piece of duct tape. It doesn’t need to be the same color as the rest of the stem.

•Fold one of the ends into a triangle. If too long cut off the excess.

Step 10: Step 10

•Place the leaf upward and push the leaf down so that it has more a leaf shape.

•Then continue to cover the rest of the stem.

Step 11: Finished Product

Duct tape Roses are great for gift to family and friends.