Introduction: How to Make a Rose With a Bar Napkin

Only Materials Needed:

Bar Napkin

Step 1: Unfold Bar Napkin

If bar napkin is not already unfolded, unfold it. Once this is done, halve the napkin to create a crease through the middle.

Step 2: Fold Napkin Over Fingers

Fold the napkin in half over your finger. Fold the top layer over your middle finger. Fold the second layer over your ring finger and pinky.

Step 3: Twist Napkin

After you have folded it over your fingers, you now start to twist starting at the tips of your fingers. Continue twisting until you have reached the bottom of napkin and formed a stem.

Step 4: Make the Rose Leaf

When done twisting the stem, angle the napkin so that a corner sticks upward and that will be considered the leaf.

Step 5: Separate Rose Layers

Remove your fingers from the napkin and reach into the center of the flower. Pinch the center and separate the layers to give the rose some flair.