Introduction: How to Make a Scribble Bot

21st century Kids are crazy after robots. Also kids are more fascinated with colors and art work. Lets combine both their interests and build a scribbling bot which will be fun for summer activities. Its also called draw bot or artbot. It is built with simple parts around and i am sure it will make you go crazy with its epic doodles and scribbles.


  1. Battery holder with on/off switch
  2. DC motor
  3. Bottle cap
  4. Paper cup
  5. AA cells
  6. 3 or 4 sketch pens or markers
  7. Double tape or masking tape
  8. Skewer
  9. Optional decoration(Googly eyes, color cardstock, pipe cleaners)

Step 1: Connect the Circuit

For connecting the circuit you will need: Battery holder, dc motor, bottle cap and skewer.

Step1: Start by taking a battery holder and
insert two AA batteries in it.

Step2: Attach the motor to the battery holder. Connect red wire end to one motor lead and black wire end to other motor lead.

(If the wires seen like they could fall out easily or are loose, use electrical tape to secure them in place and you can use alligator clip to connect wire).

Step3: Make a hole in the bottle cap with the help of a skewer and fix the bottle cap to the motor. Make sure your weight (bottle cap) is in the off-centered position to vibrate the motor.

Step 2: Body of Scribble Bot

Step4: Now attach 3-4 sketch pens vertically to the cup and space the pens evenly around the cup. Use double side tape or masking tape to firmly secure the sketch pens to the cup. Try your best to keep the sketch pens stand on their own without falling and that they can draw while moving, as this is your Scribble Bot base.

Step5: Place the robot base on a flat surface. If the bot is unstable or slanting, adjust the sketch pens to make it stable.

Step 3:

Step6: Turn the battery on and make sure

the motor spins or not.

Step7: Attach the battery with the help of the tape at the top of the cup and paste the motor on the battery holder with double side tape.

(Make sure battery holder switch is in off position).

Step 4: Decorate the Bot and Test

Step8: Optional - Decorate your Scribble Bot with craft paper, googly eyes and pipe cleaners

Step9: Remove the sketch pen caps and place your bot onto a flat surface lined with a piece of paper.

Step10: Let’s try and watch your bot making scribble art.

If the motor does not spin, check that your wires did not come loose. If required tightly re-twist them together.

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