Introduction: Kaleidoscope Materials Needed

A kaleidoscope is an optical instrument consisting of two or more reflecting surfaces, which create beautiful, fascinating, repeating patterns. It works on the principle of the law of reflection, as white light is the combination of VIBGYOR. When the white light hits the mirror surface, it gets reflected at an angle such that the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection. Due to this multiple reflections of light, there is a creation of beautiful patterns.

Materials needed:

1. A cardboard roll (height of my cardboard roll is approx. 35 cm)

2. Glue gun

3. Transparent sheet

4. Small craft decorative balls or tiny objects of your choice

5. Three rectangular mirrors of equal size (Height of the mirrors that i have used is approx. 30 cm)

6. Craft paper to cover roll

7. Scissor

Step 1: Prepare a Container

Take a Cardboard roll

I have used a Cardboard roll of 35 cm

You can take it of a smaller size as well.

Cut a portion of cardboard roll, i have cut approx. 5cm from side of roll.

To make container of that portion please follow the steps below:

1. Glue the tip of roll with a glue gun.

2. Stick a transparent plastic sheet.

3. Let it dry and then cut it to form a circle.

4. Add beads or tiny objects of your choice.

5. Glue the tip of container and cover it with transparent sheet.

6. Cut the edges to form circle and the container is ready.

Step 2: Build a Triangular Prism

1. Take three mirrors of equal size. The height of the mirrors that i have used is 30 cm.

I went to a local mirror shop to cut the mirrors according to the size i required.

2. Make a triangular prism out of the three mirrors.

3. Use a tape to stick the mirrors.

Step 3: Combine All the Parts

1. Insert the triangular prism inside the cardboard roll and fix it with a glue gun.

2. Tape the container on one side of the roll.

Step 4: Decorate Your Kaleidoscope

I like my projects to look beautiful and creative so i have decorated it with a color corrugated sheet and a printed paper.

Step 5: Make an Eye Piece

Last but important step is to make an eyepiece

Take any colored sheet and cut in form of donut ;) according to the size of roll and stick it on roll.

Your summer fun kaleidoscope is ready to use.

Step 6: A View of Beautiful Patterns in Your Hand

Turn the roll to see beautiful patterns appearing on one side.

Benefits of making kaleidoscope:

1. Kids can learn about laws of reflection

2. Any kind of artistic activity fosters brain development by stimulating both the left and right hemispheres

Step 7: Explaination

When an object is in front of mirror you see reflection of an object.

Now change the angles of mirror and observe how many images are formed.

Depending on the angle you choose you can find multiple images.

The formula to find number of images formed:(360/x)-1

where x is angle between two mirrors

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