How to Make a Secret Foldable Chair at Home




Introduction: How to Make a Secret Foldable Chair at Home

DIY: Learn how to make an Ultra Slim Portable Folding Chair.

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Step 1: List of Materials

Take a one plywood or blockboard sheet of 19mm and cut in the size of 90 cm x 58 cm.

Also take four 2 inches hinge and few black form sheet.

Step 2: Make Drawing

Make drawing on wooden sheet as per plan, All measurement are shown in plan image.

Step 3: Cutting of Wooden Sheet

Cut the wooden sheet using Drill machine and Jig saw. Finally Plywood is divided into three part.

Step 4: Extra Cutting to Make Chair Attractive

First, make round cutting at center of middle part of chair. Second, make two handle shape cutting at the outer part of chair.

Step 5: Fix the Hinge

Attach the hinge using screwdriver to make fully functional chair.

Step 6: Make Cutting for Support

Make the two square hole at seating part of chair, It will make chair stable when it is opened.

Step 7: Fix Form Sheet

Glue the black form sheet at seating area on bottom and at support area at back.

Step 8: Glue Small Round Form Sheet

Glue the small round form sheet at the side of seat area and at the leg of bottom. It will help to fix the chair when it will not in use.

Step 9: Finally Chair Is Ready

Finally Ultra slim portable chair is ready to use. Thanks

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2 years ago

Do you have a plan in inches?


1 year ago

you have a wrong value for 44.5cm measurement because you start from 45.5cm so the total horizontal measurement is 90cm therefore the line is collinear with the edge. To provide a figure as you want, the 44.5cm measurement must to be lower


2 years ago

Wow very innovative!


2 years ago

Congrats on an astonishing project
quick questions:
The squares hole at the sitting part that you make on step 6 - they are 2x2cm ?
do you have the position to cut them ?

Alex in NZ
Alex in NZ

2 years ago

Beautiful! I love stuff cut from one single piece and this chair looks awesome. Well done and thank you for sharing your work :-)