Introduction: How to Make a Shirt

do you want to make you own shirt? Then keep reading!

Step 1: What Do You Need?

- sewing machine

- scissors

- palmer

- big piece of craft paper

- material for the shirt

- shirt you own and fits you well

Step 2: The Biginning

Start with folding the piece of paper in half. Lay the shirt in the middle and make sure you mark the top and bottom so you know where you shirt lay's. Track al around the shirt about a centimetre away from the shirt.

Step 3: The Sleeve

To track the sleeve you place you finger a centimetre away from the original line. Fold the sleeve back and you can put little marks just like that through the whole proces.

Step 4: The Collar

For the collar we do the exact same thing as for the sleeve. PLace you finger a centimetre away from the line. Pul the fabric back and put a mark down.

Now you have all the little marks. Connect them zo a line. Now trace the line with your scissors and your basic pattern is ready.

Step 5: Pattern for the Sleeves

For the sleeve we start again with folding the piece of paper in half. Put the shirt down as the picture en trac that again with little marks. You also have to place your finger at the end of the sleeve en track that as you learnt before. Cut that out and you have all you patterns for you shirt.

Step 6: Cutting Out the Pieces

Lay down your fabric and fold it in half. Put the patter for one side on it and cut through both layers. Do the same for the other half of the pattern. For the sleeves you only need one layer.

Step 7: Sewing

Pin the shoulder pieces right sides together. And them sew them together with a straight stitch.

Step 8: Sewing

Now for the sleeves. First pin the sleeve to the shoulder ends. When you did that, you can sew them together. If you did that on both sides you can pin and sew the sides of the shirt together. Don't forget to sew te bottom of the sleeves together. When you did als of this, your shirt is finished.

I hope you are happy with your new shirt!