Introduction: How to Make a Simple Knotted Friendship Bracelet

Today, we will show you how to make a simple knotted friendship bracelet!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

You will need tape, string and scissors. First, pick 2-3 different colors of string.

Step 2: Cut the Pieces of String

To determine the length of the string needed, measure your arm length from your finger tips to shoulder and back down to your finger tips and then back up to your shoulder. Once you do this to your first color string, use that as a measuring guide to the other two colored strings to ensure equal lengths. Gather the starting ends of the two uncut strings and put them together with the guide string. Make the cut on the opposite end of the starting point of the guide string.

Step 3: Find the Mid Point of the Three Strings

Place the two ends of the strings together and fold in half. The end that is curved and connected will be the end you fold and tie into a knot

Step 4: Tie the Knot

When tying the knot you need to grab the loop end and bring it around and through the hole.

Step 5: Taping Your Bracelet

Once you have the knot tied, grab your tape. You will need to cut off two pieces that are around the size of your thumb. Place the knot on a table or clip board and stick the tape over the knot. Make sure the tape sticks over the knot and onto the table. This will help your string stay in place while you work on your bracelet.

Step 6: Preparing for Knots

Pick a color that you would like to start your bracelet off with. Now, we need to gather the two other strings. These strings should be separate from your first string.

Step 7: Starting the Knots

Now, we are going to take your first string. We are going to pull that string to the left and away from the other strings. Your first string should look like a vertical line. Now, we will bring it back horizontally over the two other strings. This step should look like the number four.

Step 8: Tying the First Knot

Grab the string that is laid over the other two. We are going to bring our single string under the grouped strings. Now, we will bring the string through the loop that looks like a 4. Now grab the single string and the two grouped strings and pull tightly.

Step 9: Repeat Step 8

Repeat the previous step making the 4 as many times as you'd like. Once you have reached your desired amount of that first color, we can move onto the next step.

Step 10: Tying Other Colors

Now, you will select the second color you would like to use. You will gather the first color we used and the last color we intend to use together. Now the second color will be your single string and the first and last color will be your grouped colors. You will need to repeat steps 8 and 9.

Step 11: Tying Your Final Color

You will do as you did for step 10, continuing the 4 motion but using the final color string.

Step 12: Finishing Knotted Bracelet

Continue tying knots alternating your colors to your desire

Step 13: Measuring Bracelet

Once your bracelet is done, measure it and make sure it is long enough to fit around the desired wrist or ankle.

Step 14: Tying Your Final Knot

Once it's at the correct length you will tie a knot similar to the knot we tied at the beginning of the bracelet. Loop it around and pull it through the hole.