Introduction: How to Make a Simple Leather Tablet Case

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Leather is a wonderful material that I love to work with, so I decided to make a case for my tablet out of it. It is very simple to make and requires a minimal amount of material to make, depending on the size of your tablet. This case has two pockets one for the tablet itself and the other for whatever you want. I use the front pocket to hold a small key board and a stylus.

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Step 1: Gather the Following.....

You will need:

  • A large piece of leather
  • A sharp pair scissors
  • Sinew or thread
  • Pins
  • Sharp needles
  • The tablet you will make the case for

Step 2:

First take your leather and your tablet and cut a rectangular piece of leather that is the same height as your tablet and three times as wide. Then place your tablet in the middle of the leather and fold it as shone in the pictures.

Step 3:

Next poke pins in the leather along the seam, evenly spaced from one another.

Step 4:

Now you can start to sew the seam. Keep in mind that as you sew you can remove the pins.

Step 5:

Here is what it should look like when its done.

Step 6:

Now you can start sewing up the other seam.

Step 7:

sew up this seam until there is two inches left, then cut off a corner as seen in the picture above.

Step 8:

Now you can finish sewing up the seam.

Step 9:

To make the seam stronger I doubled back and went over where I sewed, This is of course optional.

Step 10:

Once your done sewing you can tie a knot to prevent the thread/sinew from coming undone.

Step 11:

Now to finish slide your tablet into the case and marvel at your work. Thanks for checking out my Instructable.

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