Introduction: DIY World Map Computer Decal

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In todays Instructable I will be showing how I made this cool and simple computer decal that will allow you to impress your friends and personalize your computer. It's created by printing an image onto a piece of label paper that's then stuck to the back of a laptop computer, or whatever else you wish to do this to. It can be made for as cheap as $7 and takes roughly 10-20 minuets to make. If you have access to a printer, pick up some label paper from your local office supply store and follow along as we do this awesome project.

Step 1: Here's What You'll Need:

Items needed:

  1. Label paper
  2. A laptop computer(or anything else you want to do this to)
  3. A pencil
  4. access to a printer
  5. Tape
  6. Acetone

Step 2: Clean the Computer

If you have any stickers or dirt then they will need to be removed before proceeding on to the next step. This can be done by damping a paper towel with soapy water, cleaning the spot where you want to put the labels, and then drying it. If you have any stickers on your computer those will need to be removed, then using some acetone and a paper towel clean any leftover residue from the stickers.

Step 3: Print the Label

Next you will need to take your label paper and print your image onto it. Start by going to an your search engine to find the image you want to use for this project. Once you have found your image, save it to a folder on your computer. Then import the image into Microsoft word, or any other text editing software and stretch the image to fit the full page. Then to finish, print your page out into the label paper.

Step 4: Stick It to the Surface

Now take a piece of tape and use it to hold the label paper in the center of where you want it to be.

Step 5: Transfer to the Computer

Now you can transfer the labels onto your computer. Start with the corners by removing it from the paper and place it in the desired location on the computer. Continue until you have done this to all the labels on the left and right sides.

Step 6: Mark a Line

Next using the pencil, mark the center on the computer and remove the label paper.

Step 7: More Labels!

Now take the two center labels and place them an equal distance from the line you drew in the previous step. Then using a ruler, measure the distance in between the two labels you just placed on the computer and place the rest of the labels on making sure to keep them in line with the two on either side.

Important: You may need to adjust the labels once they are all placed down. To avoid this, place them on lightly so they can easily be removed and reapplied later.

Step 8: Finish

Now to finish, repeat the previous steps for the rest of the labels. Once you do this you can make any adjustments needed before firmly pressing the labels you the surface to make them permanent. Don't forget to like and share this guide to anyone who you think may like it, thanks for reading!