Introduction: How to Make a Slayer Exciter ( Similar to Tesla Coil)


Here we are going to make a slayer exciter. It is a simple circuit and very easy to make.

Step 1: Components Required

1. Winding coil 28 SWG (25 to 30 meter). I have used only 16 meter and that was wrong decision. If you can get more number of turns, it will produce more voltage at secondary

2. 2N 2222A transistor

3. 22k resistor

4. switch

5. wires

6. PVC pipe

Step 2: Winding the Coil

In this step we will wind coil on the PVC pipe. try to make more number of turns. i used only 300 turns.

i have used 2cm dia pipe and length is 10 cm. Friends if you want better results try to use PVC having dia anywhere between 3cm to 6cm and hight should be 10cm or more. If the length is more, more turns it can accommodate and that will increase step up voltage. when selecting more dia and more length you need more length of coil. try to buy coil length more than 25 meter. you can easily get coil from "" . i have used 28SWG wire and it had a price of 2.15 rupees per meter.

Step 3: Setting Up the Circuit

wire up the circuit as shown in the diagram. It is a simple circuit.

How it works

when circuit is switched on, the transistor starts working as a switching device and which eventually creates high frequency pulsating wave (AC) from DC power source and this signal is feeded to the primary coil, which creates a magnetic field around the primary coil. The secondary coil which is residing in the same magnetic field creates an emf or electricity from this magnetic field (Basic physics). This electricity is very higher than that is feded to the primary coil because of the higher number of turns in the secondary ( similar to STEP UP TRANSFORMER) . Now the earth works as the ground (0 volts) and the free end of the secondary coil works as positive end, this setup works as a Capacitor with air as dielectric . We can connect free end of secondary coil to a hollow metal plate like aluminum foil to increase area of positive end. This work as a capacitor with high electric fields. When we place CFL, or any fluorescent tube between positive end and ground ( positive and earth ( 0 potential) act as plates of capacitor) it interrupts electric fields, this electric field excites particle inside the bulb and which eventually hits the fluorescent walls and lights up. If you have created a secondary coil with large number of turns ( I used only 300 turns) it will produce very high voltage and lights up the bulb with more brightness. Try to buy at least 25 to 30 meters of winding coil.

Step 4: Power Up the Circuit

After setting up the circuit as shown in the circuit diagram ( in the diagram resistor is shown as 27k ohm but i used 22k ohm resistor) switch on the power source. When we place a CFL or any flourascent tube nearer to the coil it will glow.

This video is for entertainment purpose only. secondary coil produces higher voltages and high electromagnetic fields depending upon the number of turns in the secondary coil. Don't do the project without adult supervision.

Thank you for watching. feel free to ask any questions.