Introduction: How to Make a Small Bag Reusing Old Denim Jeans?

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Remember your grandmother making out purses and handbags from your old clothes? This is something we are going to do today. The old denim jeans you keep aside can be used for making adorable fancy purses and bags that last long. They not only give you something stylish to carry but also provide you with an opportunity to design your bag like you want to.

So, take out your unwanted old denim jeans and let’s start making a beautiful bag out of it.

Step 1: Things You Need

  • Old denim jeans Lace
  • Satin Lace
  • Glitter sheet and beads
  • White pencil and white acrylic color
  • Paintbrush and stick
  • Glue and scissors

Follow the steps below for making a cute small bag.

Step 2: Let's Take Denim Jeans!

  • Take your old denim jeans and using a scale and chalk, make a mark of around 18 inches from the bottom on it. Cut it using scissors.

Step 3: Let's Fold & Stick It!

  • Using some glue, fold the ends of the denim corner and stick them inside for proper finishing. Also, stick the bottom side folding them inside and packing them too for forming the base of the bag.

Step 4: Let's Make a Design on the Purse!

  • Now to make a design on the purse, take a white pencil. Draw the upper body of a girl on the purse with both the hands high above. Take some acrylic color and draw the outline of your design on the white pencil.

Step 5: Let's Take Glitter Sheet!

  • Now take a glitter paper. Fold it and cut it giving a heart shape with scissors. Apply some glue below the hands and stick the heart shape glitter sheet on it to form the upper portion of the dress.

Step 6: Let's Take a Piece of Net Cloth!

  • Now take a piece of net cloth. Fold it on one side and tie it using a thread to make the lower portion of the dress. Apply some glue on the thread and stick it below the heart shape glitter sheet. Stick it properly. Spread the net cloth on the denim bag to give the dress some flare.

Step 7: Let's Make Handle!

  • Now take a long lace and stick one end of the lace on one side of the bag side while the other end on the opposite side to give the bag a handle.

Step 8: Let's Stick a Satin Lace!

  • Take a stick and one small satin lace. Round the lace on the stick and blow dry it using a dryer. Remove the lace when curly. Similarly, take another lace and give it a curly look too.

Step 9: Let's Stick Lace!

  • Stick one lace on one hand and other lace, on the other hand, using some glue.

Step 10: Let's Decorate the Bag!

  • For further decoration, take some beads. Stick them on the braid of the girl. Again, use some other beads and stick them on the denim jeans bag spreading it on the bag.

Step 11: Conclusion

Your cute little bag is ready to use. Such handbags are also popular among the small girls who love to carry a bag. Such small bags can also be given as return gifts on your daughter’s birthday party. Again, you can also design the bag with other designs like flowers, cartoons, etc. So, how are you designing your small bag?