Introduction: How to Make a Small Weaving Loom at Home

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This is a small home-made weaving loom which you can use to weave a 12 " x 12" size table mat.

My wife wanted a small weaving loom after watching some youtube videos. So I decided to make one for her from some left-over 3/4" thick plywood. This instructable will guide you on how to make the loom at home.

You can also see the mat weaved using this frame at the following link

Step 1: Materials Required

  • 3/4" thick left-over Plywood from which you can cut 14 inches by 14 inches square piece
  • 1-1/2 " long nails about 100 grams (You need 104 of them)
  • Fevikwick instant glue
  • Nail Polish remover to clean rust from the nails

Step 2: Tools Required

  • A Jigsaw for cutting plywood. Here I have used the metal cutting blade to have a thin cut line
  • A Rotary tool with 1-1/2" dia cutting blade and a suitable drill bit
  • 3 or 4 'G' clamps
  • Marker pen
  • A Drawing Square
  • Hacksaw Blade
  • A knife
  • A hammer

Step 3: Measure and Cut Board

  • Measure 14" x 14" square from the left-over plywood
  • Mark inside line leaving one inch from all sides. This will give you a 12" size inside dimension
  • Cut the measured board using the Jigsaw cutter

Step 4: Make Initial Cut

Now we need to cut and remove the inside portion

  • Clamp the board to the work-bench using G clamps
  • Make initial cut using the rotary tool and the blade as shown
  • The rotary cutting tool I have used did not cut full depth of the plywood. So I used a knife to make a slit to the full depth of the board
  • Using a hacksaw blade, make a cut so that the jigsaw blade can be inserted

Step 5: Cut and Remove Inner Portion

  • Insert the Jigsaw blade in the slit we made and cut to the required length
  • Rotate the board, clamp with G clamps, cut on all sides and remove the center portion

Now our frame is ready

Step 6: Drill Holes

  • Mark the center line on all sides of the frame
  • Mark the points over the center line at 1/2 " distance for fixing nails
  • Using the rotary tool and 1.5 mm drill bit, drill holes at all the marked portions

Step 7: Nail

  • Nail 1-1/2 " nails in all the drilled holes using a hammer. Use a straight edge on top of nails so that all nails remain at the same height

Step 8: Fix the Nails and Clean

  • Apply Fevikwik or any such instant glue to the nails, so that they are fixed firmly to the board and will not come out during weaving
  • Using nail polish remover on a soft cloth, clean and remove rust from the nails

Our small table mat weaving frame is ready.

My wife used this frame to weave a table mat which you can see at this link

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