Introduction: How to Make a Snow Globe

Have you ever walked past a gift shop and seen snow globes in the window of the shop? Snow globes are something that always catch my eye. No two snow globes are the same and they all capture a moment in time. Snow globes are my favorite souvenir to get when I go different places. Here is a fun project to learn how to make your own snow globe at home!


First, gather supplies. Gather a small mason jar, glitter, glue, a cup of water, some glycerin and a small figurine. A mason jar that does not have words engraved will work best so there is not distraction from what is inside the snow globe. The mason jar can be of any size also but sizing it to fit your figurine will work the best. Next choose a figurine to match the type of globe you are making. Also choose glitter it ascent that figurine.

Step 1: Starting the Snow Globe

After we have gathered all our supplies, it is time to make our globe. The first step is gluing the chosen figurine to the inside of the lid of the mason jar. Make sure not to use too much glue for this otherwise it will mess with the ending look of the snow globe. Allow at least ten minutes for the glue to dry.

Step 2: Adding the Ingredients

Once the glue is dry, it is time to create the substance inside the snow globe. Grab the mason jar and measure out one cup of water. Pour the water into the jar. Now it is time to add the glitter. Grab which ever type and color of glitter you choose. Measure out a teaspoon of glitter and dump it into the mason jar. If that is not enough glitter, go ahead and add more to the jar.

Step 3: Adding the Glycerin

The last thing we need to add is glycerin. Measure out a teaspoon of glycerin and pour that into the mason jar. There may be a need to add more glycerin depending on how much glitter you added. Usually ½ teaspoon is enough.

Step 4: Mixing It All Together

After having added all the ingredients into the jar, use either a stir stick or a butter knife to mix all the contents in the jar. Once you have done this it is time to put everything together! Grab the lid that has the figurine glued to it and screw it on to the mason jar. Make sure the lid of the jar is on as tight as possible.

Step 5: Putting It All Together

Once the lid is tight it is time to shake up your snow globe and turn it over and enjoy it! Now that you know the basics of making a snow globe, you can try new things and get creative with it!

Step 6: Here Is a Video to Help You Out!