Introduction: How to Make a Stress Ball

As a child, I had this simple and fun hobby of creating my own stress ball out of a balloon and flour.

I decided to share it here so many of you can enjoy it too :)


All we need to prepare before we start is:

  • Balloon
  • Flour (possible also with fine sand)
  • Sharpie
  • Empty bottle of water
  • Paper

Step 1: Insert the Flour to the Bottle

We will start by making a cone out of the paper so we can fill the bottle with the flour.

Step 2: Blow Up the Balloon

There is no need to fill it all the way, just somewhere in the middle so there is enough room for the flour.

Step 3: Transfer the Flour From the Bottle to the Balloon

This step might be a little tricky -

Stretch the mouth of the balloon over the top of the bottle, turn over the bottle, and pour the flour into the balloon.

Step 4: Take Out All of the Air and Tie Up the Ballon

There is still some air left inside the balloon, so we will take it out slowly.

When finished, we can finally tie up the neck of the balloon.

Step 5: Give It a Personality

Our stress ball is now functional and doing its job, but we can take it to the next level by drawing him a cute face.

Adding more features, just like the hair of mine, is now up to you :)

Step 6: Enjoy Your New Stress Ball!

Just be careful so it won't pop - happened to me more than once, right on the sofa in the living room...

Also, I want to share with you a great video of "The King Of Random", who made these cool "Ninja Stress Balls":

Feel free to share your creations with me!