Introduction: How to Make a Subwoofer Amplifier

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Based on the previous article about "How to Make a Tone Control LM358 for Amplifier 2.1". This time I will make a subwoofer amplifier from an ordinary amplifier.

To change an ordinary amplifier into a subwoofer, you only need an LPF circuit like the one I used in the previous 2.1 tone control.

So in this article I will use the LPF part of the tone control to make a subwoofer amplifier.

Step 1: Moduls Used

    The materials I use here are mostly ready-made modules, namely:

    • 1*Kit amplifier Namex
    • 1*Kit Tone Control 2.1
    • 1*Trafo 5A
    • 1*Kit PSU amplifier
    • 1*Kit PSU Tone COntrol 2.1
    • 1*Kit Bluetooth Module
    • 1*Kit Input volume module
    • 1*Speaker 6" 150watt

    Step 2: Diagram Block

    Installation diagram as usual. the sequence of installation is as follows:

    Bluetooth Module -> Input Volume -> Tone Control 2.1 -> Amplifier -> Speaker

    For the tone control section, I only use the LPF part for the subwoofer. while for vocal output I don't use it.

    Step 3: Order PCB Di PCBway

    what is special about the tone control that I use is PCB TC 2.1 I ordered from PCBWay.

    why did I choose PCBway, because By making PCB on PCBway you can get High Quality 10 PCs PCBs for only $ 5 & new member First order Free: .

    To print on PCBway, PCB design needs to be converted into gerber format.

    You can download the gerber file below, I provide it for those of you who want to make it too.

    Step 4: Symmetrical Power Supply Configuration for Tone Control

    Because in this article I use Amplifier AB, so the power supply used is a symmetrical power supply.

    component configuration on TC 2.1 one must be adjusted with this power supply. To adjust the components that are installed you can see the picture above

    Step 5: Assembly

    Assemble one by one the modules according to the diagram given.

    The final result can roughly be seen in the image above.

    Let's go to the next step to listen to the sound of this subwoofer amplifier.

    Step 6: Final Result

    For comparison results of the sound of an ordinary amplifier and after being converted into a subwoofer amplifier can be seen at the end of the video above.

    Enjoy reading and watching the video. Thank you for stopping by this article. if you have questions, just write in the comments column