Introduction: How to Make a Sweet Floral Wall Clock for Your Room Decoration

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I love floral and want to make floral decoration for my room. So, I decided to make a floral wall clock! I really love this floral clock. Because it is suited my room that has a creamy pink wall color. If you like a girly room decoration, this floral wall clock will be a sweet touch to add into your room. Not to mention that you will like to see to your clock all day and be notified of time. Maybe you won't be late in your schedule again. But maybe it will be a torture to remember your schedule. Haha. I'm just kidding.

This floral clock is made with canvas which is full of flowers around them and cute white lace ruffle on them. The numbers in this clock are placed with cute charms. The charms themselves are picked based on symbols that I like. But I couldn't find one charm.. The star one.. Yes there is one but in silver not gold to match the nuance. *sad*. No problem! I still have my favorite one, the lucky clover! I also add a little bow on top, just to complete my obsession.You have no idea how I'm in love with the finished product!

These are the materials you'll need for this project:

  • round canvas
  • fake flowers and leaves
  • charms
  • lace
  • clock machine
  • cereal box scrap
  • gold acrylic paint and paint brush
  • glue gun
  • used paper (I used wrapping paper)
  • measuring tape
  • scissors, pencil, and x-acto knife.

Let's see the tutorial on how I made it~

Step 1: Watch the Video Instruction

This is a step-by-step in the form of video if you like to watch a video instruction. But if you didn't have the time to watch a video, or your internet connection is not nice for buffering a video, I heard you! That's why I will give you the written instructions on the next step! ;)

Step 2: Clock Pattern (for Number Placement)

This is an optional step. You can just eyeball the places. But I want to make the placement neater, and I don't have a protractor. So, I found a little trick to measure it.

These steps will be pointed by the picture from top and left to right:

  1. First, trace the canvas on a paper and cut it.
  2. Fold it in half.
  3. Fold it in half again so It looks a quarter now.
  4. Unfold it and you can see 2 center lines divide the circle in four part. This lines will be the places for number 12, 3, 6, and 9.
  5. Now to get the rest of number places, use a measuring tape to measure the quarter circumference from number 12 place to number 3 place. (For example, mine is 23 cm.)
  6. Then, divide it by 3. Mark for every places. (For example, mine is 23/3 = 7.7 cm. So, I marked for every 7.7 cm).
  7. You can see three marks like in the picture.
  8. After that pick one mark.
  9. Then, fold the circle in half on that mark.
  10. Now, you can see a diagonal line.Repeat the steps to get all the lines.

Step 3: Make a Hole for Clock Machine

Draw a small circle on the center of the pattern (that we've made on the previous step) and cut it to make a hole.

Place the paper on the canvas and trace the hole. After that, cut that circle with an x-acto knife to make a hole on the canvas for your clock machine.

Step 4: Number Placement

Cut the pattern to make it smaller. This smaller paper now can be used to mark the number places. Place the paper on the canvas (match the hole) and mark every number places on canvas following the lines on paper.

Step 5: Decorate the Canvas

Now, it's time to decorate the canvas with flowers!

  1. First, glue the lace around the canvas. While gluing, occassionally fold the lace to make it looks like ruffle.
  2. Then I placed the leaves first. After satisfied with the place, glue them one by one.
  3. After the leaves, I place the bigger flowers (roses) and glue them.
  4. Next I placed and glue the smaller flowers. Then, place the charms following the marks that we have made, and glue them.

Step 6: Decorate the Clock Hands

For the clock hands, I made a heart and two arrows using a cereal box, and glue them on clock hands. Then, I painted them with gold acrylic paint. Three coats to make them all covered.

Step 7: Putting the Machine Together

Place and glue the clock machine on the back of canvas. Add the clock hands one by one and......

Step 8: Congratulate on Your New Clock!

It's done! Yeay!

In love in love in loooove with this floral clock now! My grandma also love it :3.

If you want a cheaper alternative, I suggest you to use a cardboard instead. Make a round cardboard and paint it white. For the flowers, you can actually make it with crepe or tissue paper! And yeay the finished product will be amazing too! Not to mention, you recycle the cardboard ;). Even though it's more time consuming, It's nicer and more creative!

Enjoy your beautiful new wall clock!

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