Introduction: How to Make a Unique Earrings Stand Using Cardboard?

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Jewellery boxes are very common and we get them easily in the market. However, most of them are mostly worried about the earrings as we like them to be displayed somewhere so that we can choose and match them as per our attire. This is why earring stands are important.

Here we are going to make one such earring stand which is mostly for the drop earrings. This craft is perfect to place your earrings as well as serves as a perfect home decor too. This is a nice DIY Best out of Waste Jewellery holder craft made from waste materials.

Step 1: Things Needed to Make Earrings Stand

  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Cutter
  • Ruler
  • Adhesive
  • Pencil
  • Glue Stick
  • Glue Gun
  • Crepe Paper
  • Stapler
  • Color
  • Paint Brush
  • Decorative Lace

Step 2: Let's Cut the Cardboard & Arrange It in a Pyramid-like Shape!

  • Take a cardboard and cut it to make cardboard sticks. We need several such cardboard sticks.
  • Cut these cardboard sticks measuring 20 cm in length.
  • Arrange and paste the cardboard sticks in the square shape for the base.
  • similarly, arrange and paste the cardboard sticks on the base of the craft to give it a pyramid-like shape.
  • Mark 7 cm distances on the slant edges of the pyramid.
  • Mark and cut the cardboard stick.
  • Paste this stick in between two slant edges.

Step 3: Let's Color the Cardboard Pyramid!

  • Now paint this cardboard pyramid using two different colour shades.

Step 4: Let's Make Crepe Paper Flowers!

  • To make crepe paper flowers for decoration, take a crepe paper and cut it into small square pieces.
  • Take some square pieces together and staple it at the centre.
  • Now, cut it in a circular shape and make small cuts as shown.
  • Take each layer up and give it a flower shape.

Step 5: Paste the Decorative Lace & Flowers!

  • Paste decorative lace on this pyramid for decoration.
  • Paste these crepe flowers on the earring holder for decoration.
  • You can use this as earring stand.

Wow!! Your beautiful and unique earring stand is now ready.

Step 6: ​Conclusion

This is a unique and amazing earring stand. You can keep some drop earrings in this stand. It can hold a lot of your earrings and looks great. It is lightweight therefore you can keep it anywhere.

Hope you have enjoyed making this craft. Please share your valuable suggestion and feedback in the comments section below.

Happy Crafting!