Introduction: How to Make a Vase

To make this vase you will need following material:-

Balloon, Paper, Empty Fax Roll, PVA Glue, Water, Plaster of Paris, Sand Paper, White Distemper Paint, Acrylic Paint (Black, Blue & Silver), Masking Tape, Marker, Detail Knife and Scissors.

Step 1: Basic Structure

Take two pieces of masking tape and paste it on the bottom side of balloon. Now take pieces of paper and paste it on the balloon. Use mixture of PVA glue & water for paste. After paste all pieces on balloon, apply one coat of PVA glue on it. Let it dry. Press the bottom side of the vase for standing.

Make a hole on the vase and put empty fax roll on the vase. Now, roll the masking tape on the join of vase and fax roll.

Step 2: Use of Plaster of Paris

Make mixture of plaster of paris & water and apply it on the vase. Leave it about 24 hours for dry. Rub it with sand paper. Now fill the holes with plaster of paris, again rub with sand paper for smooth surface. Paint vase with white distemper paint and let it dry.

Step 3: Coloring

Paint vase with acrylic paint (black and blue) and let it dry. Now make some design on the vase with acrylic paint (Silver) and let it dry. However, you can use your favorite color.

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