Introduction: How to Make a Very Simple DIGITAL CLOCK Out of Old Mobile Phone.

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This is a very simple, and easy device which is made from an old mobile.

I had recycled the phone into a Real Time Digital Clock.

So, change your old useless phone into a Productive one.


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The things required to make this project are as follows:-

1. An old mobile phone

2. Cardboard pieces

3. USB male cable

4. Wires

5. Some tools

Step 2: Cutting the Cardboard Base

Take the phone and trace the outline of the phone on the cardboard.

Cut the cardboard as shown in the figure.

Step 3: Part of Screen

Now, cut the shaded region (as shown) for the display.

Step 4: Connection for Power

Now, take the phone and remove the backcover and the battery.

Attach wires to the positive terminal and negative terminal of the battery (as shown).

Now, join the wires to the USB male cable. (Note- Use the RED wire for POSITIVE and BLACK wire for NEGATIVE.)

Step 5: Final Set Up

After connecting the wires, mount the phone in the cardboard for better support and install a digital clock application of java (extension is .jar or .jad) and run it.

The plug the power cable with a power bank and your Digital Clock is ready to use.....

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