Introduction: How to Make a Wall Garden

So what is about to be made is basically a garden an on the wall, you can also specify my depth, height, &width of the garden to meet the accommodations of a specified plant. But if you've followed my directions correctly, you should be able to make an amazing garden like the one above and the wooden garden bed frame like the one above


  • A 3ft x 3ft x 6 3/4in Birchwood (Naturally polished) {}
  • Saw/Cutting tool()
  • Measuring tape/ruler(
  • (Link To Budget)

  • Total Cost is $51.14

  • The total cost of Plywood is $24.86, Total cost of 4x8's is $13.80, Total cost of Nails is $12.48

  • Everything can be bought at lowes

Step 1: Step 1: Measure the Cuts

Measure our a 3ft x 3ft square for to base of the garden & 3ft x 5 in planks for the walling of this project

Step 2: C U T

Just simply cut the just with your preferred cutting tool

Step 3: Nailing :)

Nail to the 3ft x 5in together around the base of the 3ft x 3ft

Step 4: Cutting Pt. 2

cut out 35in cut from the other parts of the wood

Step 5: Nailing Pt. 2

put in the 35 in the box 8 in apart

Step 6: Nailing Pt. 3

put in the 3 35in like in the picture above about 8in apart

Step 7: Ur Done

now be proud of yourself