Introduction: How to Make a Washi Tape Dispenser

Hi! Today, I will be teaching y'all how to make a washi tape dispenser. This is my version of a washi tape dispenser, and there may be better ways of creating these, but this is the way I use. Enjoy!

Step 1: Collect Your Materials

To create my version of a washi tape dispenser, the materials you need are:

- Glowforge Laser Printer - This was the laser printer I used to create my dispenser.

- Medium Draftboard - Medium Draftboard was the wood my dispenser is made out of.

- Spray Paint (any color you want)

- Washi Tape - ... For obvious reasons... Do I need to explain this?

- Electrical Tape - For holding the washi tape in place.

Step 2: Create a Box Shape

To create a box, you need to hop on a computer and copy and paste this link: . Once on this website, you need to measure the height, width, depth, and thickness of an aluminum foil box.

Ignore all the other measurements in the "Optional Settings" Section. Then press enter.

Step 3: Print the Box

Once your box is created, upload the finished template into Glowforge (you will need a Glowforge account). Then, on the left, you will see a box that says, "Unknown". Click it and than type in Medium Draftboard. Click that and than click print. Next, go to your Glowforge and click the glowing button in the right corner. Now, all their is left to do is wait. Once it is done printing, connect the pieces like a puzzle.

Step 4: Optional: Spray-Paint Your Box

Take a spray-paint color of your choosing (I chose pink). Now go outside and spray-paint all sides. Do not reconnect the box yet.

Step 5: Attach Electrical Tape

Once the box is spray-painted and dry, use electrical tape to attach the washi tape to the inside of the box.

Step 6: Use Wisely and Enjoy!

Have fun with your new DIY washi tape dispenser!