Introduction: How to Make a Water Pump

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This instructable is on how to build a mini water pump . The pump can be useful for small applications or just as a fun craft. One of the best things about this build is that almost everyone should have access to the materials needed as none of them are special parts. Before we start off I would also like to mention I used a less powerful motor so if you wanted your pump to have more pressure you would only need to use a powerful motor.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

  • small motor bought from hobby store
  • battery holder along with battery
  • switch
  • hot glue
  • plastic pipes
  • small plastic sheet
  • caps

Step 2: Making the Impeller

ive used a bead kind of material coz it fits to motor shaft correctly,impeller is made from small plastic sheet and attached to the bead using glue

Step 3: Casing

For the casing ive used caps from perfume and juice bottle,since the shaft of the motor is long ive used two caps

Step 4: Closing Pump Hosing

As shown in image the casing is coupled up,impeller is fixed to shaft and closed using plastic sheet with a hole at its centre

Step 5: Suction and Delivery Pipe

  • The pipes are attached at the suction and delivery side the hole made in green plastic is suction side
  • Blue is delivery side
  • The basic circuit for switching motor is made
  • The base is made and everything is fixed to it using hot glue and the pump is ready
  • For the working recomended to watch video in starting step,Thankyou

Step 6:

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