Introduction: How to Make a Wood Sign With a Cricut - Christmas Craft Tutorial

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Step 1: Upload Your Design Onto Design Space (If Its Not There Already) and Get Your Mat Ready

The first step you want to do is to research what kind of design you want your sign to have. I knew I wanted to create a Christmas sign, so I found a SVG Christmas file I could use.

Next you will want to open design space on your computer and upload the design you choose to use. I purchased this particular image on Etsy so I can't share it with you unfortunately. Once you have it uploaded onto DS you can size it to fit your board you intend to use.

Next you will want to get your vinyl color(s) out that you want to use. I chose to use a maroon red color. Place the vinyl onto your cricut sticky mat and flatten down as much as possible getting our any air bubbles or bumps.

Step 2: Adust Your Image Before Cutting

If your image is all one color, make sure your image is attached in DS, if not your letters will be scattered everywhere and will not cut out as one piece. Or if its more than one color you can attach each color with each other so when it cuts out everything will be kept together where it should be so you aren't guessing where each piece goes, makes it a bit easier.

Step 3: Select the Right Cutting Pressure & Double Check Before Cutting

Something really important to remember, is before pressing the cut button on your machine, is to select the correct cutting pressure on your machine. Whatever medium you are using be sure to match it up to the machine. It will save you a headache and money, you will waste your vinyl if you accidentally select paper or iron on, it won't cut correctly.

Be sure to double check your measurements before you cut, you want to be sure it will fit your board you will be using. Once sure, press the cut button and watch your design cut.

Step 4: Prepare Your Board

Next you will need to prepare your board you will be putting your vinyl onto. Make sure you measure twice and cut once to fit your custom image. If you choose to router your edges go ahead and do that, you don't have to, it just makes it look a bit nicer. Next you will want to sand your board really well, if you have any bumps or imperfections on it you will see it after you place your vinyl on your board.

Then once it's sanded really well, you can go ahead and paint your board, whatever color you choose, something that will go with the vinyl color you choose. Let dry for a few hours until completely dry.

Step 5: Prepare Your Stencil and Apply to Board

Next you will want to work with your vinyl stencil. Cut out the access vinyl so you can reuse it. Depending on how detailed your stencil is, is how long it will take you to weed. Using the weeding tool from your kit you can easily weed through your stencil.

Once finished weeding out the extra vinyl, you can use your transfer tape (I use dollar store transfer tape, but you can purchase the cricut brand which is stickier). Place your transfer tape on top of your image and press and rub all over your stencil to be sure that you get every spot stuck on the tape, you may want to use a credit card or a scraper to do this part to ensure no air bubbles. Carefully peal back the tape from the paper.

Then transfer over your image onto your prepared board and repeat the process to ensure your image sticks to your board. Peal back the transfer tape and your finished. Be sure to rub the image into the wood a bit more. If you are going to leave your sign outside you can apply a bit of polyurethane to your sign.

If you do not have a cricut to make this sign, feel free to contact me, I create hand made custom signs. Check out my website for more signs, mugs, ornaments and more.

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