Introduction: How to Make a Wooden Fish

This will show you how to make a wooden fish.


A piece of wood (in particular a board)

A pencil
A bandsaw

A wood burning tool (optional)

Paintbrush and paint (optional)


Step 1:

Find the board you want to make a fish out of (I find that the best ones have a knothole in them that can be an eye)

Step 2:

Draw your fish on the board in pencil

Step 3:

Once you have drawn your fish you can start cutting if you mess up you can start over

Step 4:

Sand your fish so all edges and faces are smooth

Step 5:

If you have a wood burning tool you can wood burn scales or fins or anything you want into it (optional)

Step 6:

After you wood burned your fish you can paint it if you want (optional)