Introduction: How to Make an Açaí Smoothie

This is a nice refreshing smoothie you can make in the morning or on a hot summer day! It’s 100% vegan. This smoothie is very fulfilling and simple to make.

Step 1: What You Will Need

- 2 Sambazon superfruit açaí packs that are 3.53 oz (you can get them from Costco)
- coconut water
- a bowl of strawberries
- half a bowl of blueberries
- a banana
- ice

- a blender
- a cup
- a knife
- a cutting board
- a measuring cup

Step 2: Cut Your Strawberry & Banana

- use your cutting board & knife
- slice strawberries in half
- slice banana in small slices about 2 cm wide

Step 3: Add Your Ingredients to the Blender

- add two packets of açaí into the blender
- use the measuring cup & add 1/2 of coconut water into the blender
- add the amount of strawberries to your desire (I added 8 slices)
- add the amount of blueberries to your desire (I added 12 pieces)
- add the amount of bananas to your desire (I added 10 slices)
- add half a cup of ice

Step 4: BLEND!

- cover your blender
- blend for 30 seconds

Step 5: FINISHED !

- pour your smoothie into a cup
- make a little slit on a strawberry if you wanted to decorate it