Introduction: How to Make an Animal Plush (with a Sock)

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This project is made using fluffy socks to make the heads of animals. You can use it as a gift, a plush, or just something to do for fun! Hope you enjoy!

Good for beginners

Step 1: Items You Will Need

  • Fluffy sock (Solid color is best, but any pattern is fine)
  • Buttons
  • Stuffing
  • Marker that will show up on fabric (I recommend crayons, or colored pencils)
  • Needle and Thread to match fabric (Unless you want to make a design. Then that's cool)


  • Felt of any color
  • Tacky/fabric glue

You can get most, if not all, at any art supplies or fabric store.

Step 2: Flip

Get your sock and flip it inside out

Step 3: Mark

Use your marker and mark out the shape of the head. I made my head about 3 inches long, because I was making a zebra, and made my ears rather pointy, like a horse. The animal you make depends on how long you make it and the type of ears you make. (For smaller animals, like cats, make it an inch smaller or so)

Step 4: Sew and Cut

Sew on the outline. I used a simple running stitch, but you can use whatever stitch you feel makes it the most secure. Don't sew it all the way, leave a gap, about an inch or so. Then, cut it out, along the line. Be sure not to cut the thread.

Step 5: Inside Out

Flip your head inside out

Step 6: Eyes

Mark where you want your button eyes to be

Step 7: Sew Buttons

Sew on. Put the needle through the gap you left and sew the button on through it. Sew the other button on using the same thread. To do this, stitch the other eye, then when you pull it down into the fabric, pull it up on the other side where you will put the other eye, and continue sewing on that one. When you finish, hide the thread by finishing it near the eye, and cutting off the excess.

Step 8: Stuffings

Stuff the animal. Then, move the stuffing around and fluff it out into a suitable shape. For mine, I pulled the stuffing a bit into where the toe of the sock would have been, to create a muzzle.

Step 9: Sew the Rest

Sew up the gap, pulling the excess fabric back in while doing so. Cut any excess left, but be careful not to cut the thread used or the actual head. Afterwards, move the stuffing around more to fill the gap.

Step 10: Decorate

Now decorate the animal however you like!

I used pink felt to create nostrils and a mouth, and sewed them on, but you can also use tacky glue/fabric glue.

You can use any fabric (I recommend felt however) to do so, but you can also embroider them on or use any other touches.

You can also do things like embroidery, or putting on other decorations. You can even use blush on it to stain it, and make it look like its blushing!

Step 11: Extra Felt Step

first get some felt

cut out about an inch

fold in half

use marker to make oval

cut out oval

take apart the two, use left over and cut that into a thin line

the ovals are the nostrils and the line is the mouth

glue/sew accordingly

Step 12: And You're Finished!

Now you have a nice animal head to do whatever you want with. Have fun and I hope you enjoyed!