Introduction: How to Make an Animation on Flipaclip

This instructable is to help someone learn the basic tools to make an animation or animation meme on Flipaclip, but not how to do a specific meme.



  • A device that's touchscreen and can download Flipaclip
  • (optional) An apple pen
  • The meme audio

Step 1: Starting Flipaclip

When you first open Flipaclip click the “+” sign on the bottom left corner. It will ask you for: the name of your animation, the background, the format(size), and frames per second(how many frames to make 1 second). Depending on the frames per second and the length of the audio will be the result of how many frames you do.

Step 2: Adding Music/audio

When you open an old or new animation, in the bottom left corner there is a music note, click on that. Then on the bottom left corner there is a “+” sign. Click that, there are 4 options to upload audio: record, audio library, files, and iTunes Library. You can choose any of the 4 but I recommend you use the one that will be the easiest. Then drag it to the time you need the audio. After, you may crop the audio if it is too long.

Step 3: Adding Frames and Photos

Now that you have the audio, you can start drawing. When you need to add more frames press the “+” button. But sometimes some people like to use photos they have. To upload a photo or video, you tap the three circles on the top right corner. Depending on what you want to upload, you click photo or video. You can upload through camera, photo library, or files.

Step 4: Adding Text, Changing/Saving Colors, and Using Tools

To add text click the T button. Then type what you want your text to say. You can change the font clicking the A, and change the color on the black square. To save the colors, click the “+” sign. To edit the opacity of the color (the transparency), move the circle and move it to the opacity you like.

Step 5: Conclusion

What I have learned from this project is that animation takes a long time. It also needs a lot of patience. Problems that did come up was the amount of time that it would take to do this, and the amount of layers. The reason why this animation was simple was because your limited to the number of layers. You can only have 3 layers unless you buy more. The time to make an animations can depend on how long your audio is. Mine was 38 seconds, which was 460 frames. Any audio longer can take up from 1 week to a years to make. So this turned out into a nice look of how a week of animation looks. Otherwise, I didn't have much problem doing this project. Even with how long it takes to do an animation on FlipaClip compared to other apps, results are satisfying when finished.