Introduction: How to Make an Easy E-heart

Sew a heart with conductive thread and led.

Step 1: You Need

Wool, red and white
Embroidery needle
White thread
Conductive thread
LilyPad coin cell battery holder
LilyPad led

Step 2: Cut Out the Hearts

Cut 2 red hearts so the battery holder fits inside with 1 cm extra. My width was 8 cm.

Cut 1 small white heart.

Step 3: Make a Hole for the Led

Place the white heart in the center on one of the red hearts.
Make a mark and cut a smal hole for the lamp. This will give a brighter light.

Step 4: Sew the Led and the Battery Holder

Place the led uppside down in the hole.

Place the battery holder beside.

Start from the positive terminal on the led and sew to the positive terminal on the battery holder. (+).
You can use stem stitch or running stitch. Attach the thread with three stitches at the same spot.

Do the same with the negative terminals: connect the led and the battery holder (-).

Step 5: Attach the White Heart

Turn the red heart and place the white heart over the hole.
Sew with blanket stitch.

Step 6: Sew the Red Hearts Together

Place the two red hearts together with the battery holder and the led inside.

Sew the two hearts together. When you reach the battery holder sew only in the front fabric so you can change the battery.

Step 7: Done