Introduction: How to Make an Easy No-Sew Cute Phone Pouch

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Yet another cute DIY, i have been bored for the past... two days XD and a decided to craft something. Now let me tell you, i am in love with crafting... but I dont have the materials to make something super-fancy. So i made.... A super-fancy (kinda) phone pouch!

Step 1: Find the Materials

I used a sock that i found in my drawer the other day that had no pair, i washed it first then used it to make the base of the pouch.
And then i used a dislocated ring i used to wear as a child.

Step 2: Roll Up the Top of the Sock

Roll the top of the sock down to the size of your phone or... iPad ( i tried it. It worked!)

Step 3: Use the Ring and Attach It to the Middle of the Rolled Sock

This makes it look like a bow, and in the same time, holding the rolled up part down on the sock. This part is optional, you could sew on a button or bead, which would look cute if you think about it...

Step 4: