Introduction: How to Make an Easy Teacher's Day (Back to School) Gift - Mini Apple in a Bottle!

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Origami Paper: 4 cm square sheet (Apple), 1 cm square sheet (Leaf) Sewing Thread/needle 10ml Glass Jars w/ cork (Can be purchased on Amazon, Ali Express, dollar stores, and craft stores) Chunky Glitter (Powdered does not work very well since it sticks to the glass)

Step 1: Make an Apple

In order to make the apple I will demonstrate using a 6" square sheet of paper.

Start with the colour side facing down and fold the paper in half diagonally. Unfold the paper. Align one of the sides of the square to the crease you just made. Do the same for the adjacent side of the square so that you end up with a kite shape as seen in the images above. Fold the upper tip down so that it meets with the edge created by the lower (coloured) half of the kite. Now fold up from the bottom of the kite so that the tip of the base protrudes a little bit over the top. Flip the paper over and fold the tip as seen in the image above to create the top of the apple. Turn the paper back over and fold the left and right corners as well as the bottom corners so that the paper looks more like an apple when the model is flipped back over to the colour side.

Step 2: Make a Leaf

Using a 1 inch square sheet, start by folding the square diagonally with the colour side facing down.

Follow the steps seen in the images/video above to fold the leaf. Once you are satisfied with the shape glue the leaf onto the stem of the apple.

Step 3: Put It Together

Once you have successfully made your apple, take a piece of thread and glue it on so that the apple hangs freely from the thread.

Take a small (10 ml or larger) cork bottle and fill it with glitter or other decorative items. Carefully insert the apple into the bottle (This may deform the shape of the apple which can be fixed within the bottle using a small tool to press it back into shape.). Using a needle, pull the thread through the cork and seal the bottle. Pull on the thread until the apple hangs freely within the bottle. Cut the thread and use a long piece of thread to highlight the neck of the bottle by rotating the thread around it repeatedly. Cut and tie the the thread into place and the project is finished!

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