Introduction: How to Make an Exo Wallet

Here you will learn how to make a wallet personalized with the EXO K-pop group's logo! This is a quick, interesting way to create your own wallet and carry EXO with you everywhere you go!

The materials you will need to follow this Instructable are listed below:

1. Darker, thick fabric (piece as large as an A4 piece of copy paper)
2. Two pieces of copy paper
3. Tape
4. Scissors
5. Pen
6. Superglue
7. Ribbon (preferably white)
8. Second fabric (for the EXO label – preferably lighter)
9. Gems/beads/ decorations of your choice

Step 1: Step One: Prepare Copy Paper

1. Tape two pieces of copy paper together and fold it horizontally into three different, equal sections.

2. Unfold the sheets. Then vertically fold them in half to create two equal sections. Do this again while the paper is still folded to create four equal sections. This should result in a paper with three horizontal and four vertical sections.

3. Cut the four corners out of the paper (so the paper looks like it is in the shape of a plus sign).

Step 2: Preparing the Fabric

4. Using the paper as a stencil, mark this shape on the fabric – make sure that the fabric is thick enough.

5. Cut the unneeded fabric away (the four corners). The fabric is now in the same shape as the paper).

Step 3: Completing the Form

6. Take the ribbon, cutting enough to surround the whole wallet, and glue it around the edges of the wallet. This makes the wallet more decorative as well as hide any rough edges or mistakes made in the cutting of the fabric. Warning: the superglue is very sticky and dries very quickly, so be careful!

7. Fold the outer side flaps of the fabric (on the left and the right) to the middle. Then fold the bottom flap up over that.

8. Superglue the sides of the fabric in this position (make sure that the inner flaps are only glued to the inside of the wallet in the middle where they meet and that the bottom flap folded over is not glued at the top).

9. Fold the top flap down, covering the inside of the wallet.

Step 4: Create the Label

10.  To create the EXO design, softly outline the EXO label onto the light fabric.

11. Once satisfied, carefully cut out the label.

12. With the superglue, glue the label onto the cover of the wallet. Make sure to be careful!

Step 5: Adding Decorations

13. Take the gems/beads/decorations and decide where they should be placed. Then, with the glue, carefully glue them on the wallet.

Step 6: Thank You

Your wallet is finished. You can store money, cards and other papers within its compartments – and it will be branded by EXO’s name. You will get to take EXO with you everywhere you go! Looking at the finished product…you may just want to buy a wallet instead…But I am sure these steps could work better for you!

Thank you for reading, and hopefully following, my tutorial. Enjoy your new wallet! If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please let me know.

* I would also like to thank the source listed below, for giving me basic step ideas:

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