Introduction: How to Make an Identity Disc Prop (Tron: Legacy)

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It's not a perfect replica, but for people who don't want to buy the deluxe Light Disc or don't have access to milling or plastic casting, this is an easy way to make a Light Disc.

My version is not exactly how it is in the movie. It's smaller and the inner circles are supposed to connect. It is also supposed to be ~7cm thick. Mine is ~12cm.

Feel free to interpret the measurements.

My interpretation: 25cm diameter, 7cm thick, 7cm ring diameter.

I was limited in foamcore, so I made mine smaller.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
-Pic of Lightdisc to copy (Google images)
-Cardboard or Foamcore
-A compass or something round
-Scissors or rasorblade
-Flour and Water

Step 2: Cut Out the Circles

Cut out a circle. Cut out the inner part of the circle to form two rings. Cut out a portion of each ring.

Bend both rings inwards. The two open ends will bend together to form a sloped ring.


Step 3: Tape Circles Together

Now that you have two large rings and two small rings, tape one large and one small together. The small should slope inwards. Tape in place.

Step 4: Stuff

Stuff ring halves with newspaper (I used regular paper) to add structure and mass. Then tape the two rings together.

Step 5: Optional: Inner Connection

If your Lightdisc is like the movie version, you don't have to do this. Unfortunatly, I made this after seeing Tron once, so I made the mistake of not having the inner rings connect.

I you did it like me, connect the inner rings with a peice of foamcore to fit the gap. Add more newspaper as you go along.

Step 6: Sanding

You probably won`t get a flush edge where the two outer rings meet. So sand the crap out pf them until they are.

Step 7: Time to Get Messy!

Paper mashe the whole thing. When it`s dry, sand it to remove any imperfections. (I am Clu. I don`t like imperfect things.)

How to: (In case you don`t know)
Add enough water to flour til it had the concistency of thick soup. Rip strips of newspaper and coat them in the flour water mixture. Place the strips on the Lightdisc. Let dry for 12h between coats.

Step 8: Paint

I used acrylic paint but simple poster paint works just as well.

I suggest painting it all black, let it dry, then paint the rings.

I went over the painted rings later with a black marker to make it more perfect. (Again, I am Clu.)

Step 9: Enjoy

Now go Derezz some of your friends and the Black Guards. Unless you are a Black Guard. Then you can go Derezz yourself, and lick my lightcycle!

And it is safe to throw. Maybe not at anyone. What I'm saying is it won't break like the deluxe Lightdiscs. It might break something if you hit it though.