Introduction: How to Make an Instant-Armor Station

Ever in a hurry to protect yourself? With this creation you can just step on a pressure plate and you will get all of the armor you need to stay safe.

Step 1: Finding the Foundation

This quick and easy step can take anywhere from .2 second to 1 second. But anyway if you did not get the hint, dig one hole. Also remember this can be dug in any terrain.

Step 2: Adding Dispensers

Add your four dispensers as you see above; one facing up, the other three facing the middle.

Step 3: Filling

Place one piece of armor into each dispenser.

Step 4: Triggering the Mechanism

Add your pressure plate on top of the middle dispenser. If you are having trouble placing the plate, hold down shift while you click the right side of your mouse. Now you are done!

Step 5:

Now, just step on the pressure plate and all of the armor from the dispensers will be equipped onto your body automatically (except if you already are wearing armor then they will be put into your inventory). I hope this comes to some use in your world and coment/like if it does! :)