Introduction: How to Make an Instructable

A simple and easy guide to navigate the Instructable interface, add pictures, write descriptions and publish an Instructable.


- A computer and necessary peripherals (mouse, keyboard)

- Photos of the subject the Instrucable is based on

Step 1: Navigating to the Instructables Website

Navigate to the instructables website by typing in "" into the search bar and press enter. The Instrucatable website will appear.

Step 2: Create and Account or Login

If you have already created an account, click the log in text in the top right of the screen. If you do not have an account, one is able to register with the sign up text in the top right. In rare circumstances, you may already be signed in and can proceed to the next step. It is recommended to create an account with google, as it only requires your email address and automatically signs you in if already on your google email account.

Step 3: Creating the Title

To create your first Instructable, click on the text reading "Publish" in the top right corner with will bring you to the next page. To get to the title page and start to create the Instrucatable, click the big orange text box in the middle of the screen. Then, you must enter in the title of your Instructable, whatever creative name it must be. Once the title is typed in to the box with proper grammer and spelling, click the big orange button.

Step 4: Adding Pictures

The best way to start he Instructable is with pictures such that the steps can be based off of the them. To insert pictures, click the button in the Mid-left part of the screen that reads "Add". Next, png or jpg files can be dragged onto the space provided or they can be uploaded from the pc through pressing "Browse" and then locating the desired pictures and opening them. Similarly, a video can be added to the Instructable through obtaining a Youtube or Vimeo url and pasting it into the space provided. These pictures and videos will be added to the overall project timeline and can be accessed at anytime to add pictures to specific steps.

Step 5: Creating an Introduction and Materials

The Introduction and Materials list may be the most important part of the Instructable as it is what people look at first and decide if they will continue reading, or possibly even construct the Instructable. To begin the Introduction and Materials, click on the ">" sign next to the text "Into + Supplies". Next, a picture that summarizes the Instuctable can be dragged down from the Top Bar and placed in the big box reading "Drag Images From Top bar". Then, add a title to the section in the proper text box and then the Summary can be typed into the large box below it. Additionally, in the last largest text box labeled materials, provide a brief description to the materials used in the project.

Step 6: Creating Steps

To begin to create steps, click the "add step" button in the bottom of the screen as pictured. Next, just like the Intro and Materials section click the ">" to edit the step. Similarly to the Intro section, desired pictures can be dragged from the Top Bar to be displayed, the Title can be formulated in the same box and the description can be typed in the largest box below. For each subsequent step, repeat the following instructions.

Step 7: Publishing

To publish the Instructable, press the orange publish button in the top right of the screen. Next, select the image that best summarizes the picture which will be the cover image that anyone will see first went browsing for Instructables. The title should already be present, but if it is not, reenter the title. Next, enter some key words that describe the project as it will be recommended to people interested in the key words typed. Finally, if desired, you may enter the Instructable into a contest. Press to orange button that reads "Yes, publish my Instructable" to finish the Instructable