Introduction: How to Make an Upcycled Recycled Herbal Incense Oil Warmer

About: I love using Mother Earth's gifts to heal and I strongly believe in healing Mother Earth any time I can! I am an activist of upcycling and recycling.

Learn to make an incense warmer out of all upcycled/recycled materials. Fun and Easy!

Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools


Empty can

Used up tea candle or foil

Loose or oil incense

Painters tape


Sharp knife

Sharp scissors

Stirring tool



Step 2: Cut Can in Half

You are using the bottom half. Cutting the can too close to the bottom will result in smothering the candle \.

Step 3: Trim Edge

Use sharp scissors to trim edge of can.

Step 4: Clean and Dry

Be careful to not cut yourself in this step! You need to wash and dry the can. Hot water is fine, no soap needed.

Step 5: Add Painters Tape to Sharp Edge

Add painters tape to sharp edge leaving 1/2 the width exposed.

Step 6: Tuck the Tape

Fold the tape inward to the inside. This protects you from a sharp edge.

Step 7: Add Air Holes

Add 3-4 triangular shaped holes with sharp knife.

Step 8: Poke Holes

Use hammer and nail to make hole(s) in bowl of can. 1 is fine, but extra holes allow extra heat to the incense.

Step 9: Light Candle

Step 10: Place Can Over Candle

Step 11: Add Bowl to Top

Add bowl of incense to top. Use either foil or used up tea candle to make external bowl for incense. Within 3-5 minutes the incense will be potent. Great for indoors or outdoors.