Introduction: How to Make and Cook Porchetta

Now if you’ve never had a Porchetta sandwich you are missing out!

The tender pork that’s been cooked with a beautiful range of herbs, top with crackling and chimichurri has to be one of my all-time favorites.

This is the ultimate party dish.

Step 1: To Start We Need to Create Our Herb Mixture.

First, add 1 and a half tablespoons of fennel seeds to a pastel and mortar.

Gently grind the seed, this will release their flavor.

Step 2: Next Finely Dice 3 Cloves of Garlic.

Move to one side.

Then takes 5 to 6 sage leaves, remove the steams before slicing.

Strip the leaves of two sprigs of rosemary, finely slice.

No one wanted whole rosemary leaves in their sandwich.

Mix the garlic and sage into the rosemary, continue to cut into small and small pieces.

This is smelling amazing.

Step 3: Next You’ll Need to the Zest of a Whole Lemon.

More the herbs and garlic into the pastel and mortar.

Mix in the fennel seeds.

Step 4: You’ll Need a Whole Pork Belly With the Skin On. This Is a 4kg/9Ibs, You Can Always Use a Smaller Piece.

Pat dry the skin with paper towel.

Turnover and season with salt.

Followed by black pepper.

Next spread over the herb mix. Make sure to save 10% for later on.

Now the pork belly is beautifully season, you’ll need a pork loin.

Lay it down the center of the pork belly.

Season with salt and pepper.

Spread over the last of the herb mixture.

Now the next couple of steps can be a little tricky but the key is to take it slowly.

Step 5: Roll the Pork Belly Around the Loin.

I normally use a roast fork to hold it together while I’m tying it.

Using cooking string tie the pork belly together.

Start by tying one end and then the other before working your way out or into the middle.

Move so the skin side facers up.

Step 6: Lightly Score the Skin Before Coasting With Salt.

Step 7: ​Next Push for Spit Pulls Through the Center of the Loin.

Then push the forks on both ends into the meat and tighten the skews.

This Porchetta is really to go.

Step 8: Light a Chimney of Charcoal.

Spread the charcoal out on both sides, try not to have any in the center to avoid flare-ups.

Place the Porchetta on the spit and turn it on.

Step 9: ​Cook for 3 and a Half to 4 Hours or Until It Read a Temp 150f or 65c.

The Porchetta will base itself as the fat renders.

With a spit roast like this fire, management is key.

I find the best practice is to always be in the position that you need to add heat not remove it.

To many people add a whole lot of lit charcoal and then spend most of the cook trying not to burn the meat.

Charcoal will light each other so adding a little bit by bit as you go gives you a greater range of control.

This is looking incredible.

Once cooked, take off and rest for 20 to 30 minutes.

Step 10: All That’s Left to Do Is Slice It Up!

This can be served a roast meal but the best way is as a sandwich.

To a roll add a small amount of coleslaw before a good heaping of the Porchetta.Top with some of the cracking and chimichurri.

Step 11: There You Have It! Porchetta!

This will be a favorite at any party.

The strong flavors of the herbs with the pork and the crunch of the crackling make this something that should be on everyone’s bucket list.