Introduction: How to Make Comics

Today I will show you how to make comics.

Step 1: Decide Your Character

  • First step is to design you story character it can be anyone or anything like footballer, writer, martial artist, ninja etc. It requires loads and i mean LOADS of brainstorming. It should be kind of unique like I have a character who is a ninja, JOE NINJAwho has a funny torso shape, and thin really THIN arms.
  • He/She should also have a personality like serious or funny or you get the idea.

Step 2: Decide Your Story Genre

The story can be of any genre Humor, Horror, Mystery etc etc.

The genre doesn't have to match the character really that much as normally ninjas are supposed to be Y'know serious my books least supposed to be humor.

Step 3: Decide Your Story

You should have a rough story thought and written somewhere... or you can do it my way -

  • First I write a rough story in a small book
  • I forget where the book is.
  • I still remember the story written in the book.
  • I make it totally different from the story in the book.

I get ideas while writing the story itself.

Step 4: Get the Materials Needed

The materials needed are-

  • A good black felt tip pen.(I use Luxor Graphic Plus 05 or Sakura Pigma Micron)
  • Pages(You can use A4 also but A5 are bigger)
  • A stapler
  • And the colours you need (They can be sketch pens, colour pencils, paints anything)
  • A pencil(I you want to make with pencil first, I don't)

Step 5: Starting the Comic

If you know the number of pages you would need then staple them or just staple at the end.(Tip: Fold the pages.....Fold 5 to make 20 sides)

Start with the first page not the cover, use pen directly as it is faster and easier but if you have a lot of time in your hands and you want a very good looking comic then use a pencil.

Step 6: Ending It

If it's a comic series then it should have a end that a person waits for the next one a lot like a person sees someone and then stop it.

If it's only one then it can be a cliffhanger or a proper happy or sad ending.

Then make a cover according to the story and colourful so that people get attracted towards it.

After making the cover staple it if you haven't already.

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