Introduction: How to Make Easy BBQ Grill Handles

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Recently I purchased a new BBQ. I don't have a grill lifter and I want to add handles to the grills to make it easier to add more charcoal or pieces of wood for smoking.

Obviously I would need to have some oven mitts grill mitts to lift a hot grill. With clumsy mitts though I wouldn't be able to grab the grill - I need a handle (preferably two)

Step 1: What You'll Need

Per grill we need to assemble these parts:
2 U-Bolts with cross plate
8 smaller washers
4 larger washers - make sure they're wider then the gap between the grill bars
4 additional nuts for U-bolts

Step 2: Assemble the Handles

Put the ubolts and washers and nuts together...

I found it best to assemble these across the grill instead of parallel to the grill bars. Mounting the handles across the bars prevents any possibility of them falling through the grill itself.

Step 3: Attache to the Grill

As simple as it sounds really...

Screw two nuts up the u-bolt to the same height and then add the cross piece.

Then position across the grill and add the large washers.

Then add the smaller washers,

Finally add the bottom bolts. Tighten everything well.

Step 4: Step 4: Finished! Apply Meat or Favorite BBQ Food Liberally

That's it - we're done. The grill now has nice easy to grab handles for lifting.

Added April 14:  I also did the bottom grill to make for easier cleanup - I just hadn't posted the pic before.