Introduction: How to Make the Cutest DIY Corner Bookmarks

Have you ever been forced to use a random piece of paper you found lying around the house as a bookmark, because you can't find any of your bookmarks? I'm here to solve that problem. I am going to teach you how to make the cutest corner bookmarks that you will ever lay your eyes on! I will also teach you how you can design your own bookmarks, and make them your own. Are you ready to get crafting? Let's find out...

Step 1: Gathering the Necessary Supplies

The picture above shows everything you absolutely need to have to make your corner bookmarks.

This includes-

  • Cardstock of any color or design (The only color you need is white)
  • Glue
  • A ruler
  • A pencil
  • Scissors

Step 2: Gathering the Extra Supplies

The picture shows some ideas of some of the things that you might use, to design you corner bookmarks. For example: I have some different types of markers, duct type, jewels, and pattern edge scissors. Some other ideas are googly eyes, hole punchers, and construction paper. I ended up just walking around my craft area, and grabbing anything I could use for the designing process. This is a very creative project, so really anything goes.

Step 3: Drawing the Boxes

First, make three 2.5 by 2.5 inch squares using a ruler and a pencil. Make two of the squares on top of each other, and the other one goes on the bottom right hand side.

Step 4: Drawing Slashes

Just like the picture shows, draw slashes going through the box on the top, and the box on the bottom right.

Step 5: Cut It Out

Cut out the shape leaving out the two outer facing triangles. This leaves you with a shape that I can somehow relate to a cat! This will be your template, and you can trace it onto other cardstock, so you can make as many corner bookmarks as you want, without having to do any measuring.

Step 6: Trace It

I'm going to teach you how to make one of my favorite corner bookmarks! Start off by using your template to trace the "cat" onto a piece of blue cardstock.

Step 7: Cut It Out Again

Cut out the shape you just traced, and it should look like the picture.

Step 8: Adding Glue

Fold down the right flap and put a little bit of glue on it.

Step 9: The Base

Fold down the left flap on top of the glue, and presto! You made the base of your first corner bookmark!

Step 10: Adding Eyes

To design Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, you first take two large googly eyes and plant them right in the middle of the top part of the bookmark.

Step 11: Eat the COOKIE!!

Then, use brown cardstock or construction paper and cut out a circle. (This will be his cookie.) You can then use a tiny dab of glue to attach the cookie to his mouth.

Step 12: Don't Forget the Chocolate Chips!

Finally, take a black crayon or marker to make a few little chocolate chips for his cookie. Just wait for the glue to dry, and grab a good book!

Step 13: Designing Your Own Bookmarks

Making your own designs is not as complicated as it might sound. I like to look at other people's ideas on Pinterest or online, and then modifying it so I can make it more of my own. Like I said earlier, I like walking around my craft area looking for ideas also. I found a whole bunch of jewels, and so I decided to make a purple bookmark with a whole bunch of sparkles on it. It actually turned out pretty good.
When you are making bookmarks you can really personalize them so it reflects you. I made a few white bookmarks with some cute book quotes on them. Remember this is a very creative project, so anything goes. Just experiment and have fun!! :-)

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