Introduction: How to Make the Eiffel Tower With String

This is a really fun and great activity for kids of any age.


One piece of 100cm string

Step 1: Tie Your String

Take both ends of the string and tie it in a knot so that it forms a continuous loop.

Step 2: Form Starting Position

Place the string behind both pinkies and thumbs so that the string runs across your palms. Make the string tight.

Step 3: Pull the Palm Strings

With your index finger, reach across to your opposite hand and loop the string behind your finger, then move your finger back to starting position.

Step 4: Repeat Step Three and Tighten the String

Repeat step three with your other index finger, making sure you loop the part of the string across your palms that runs inside the first loop.

Step 5: Pickup the Far Forefinger String

At this point, there should be a loop behind your pinkies, thumbs, and index fingers. With your thumbs, hook the farthest index finger string and bring your thumbs back towards you.

Step 6: Release the Lower Thumb String

There should be two layers of string across your thumbs. You now need to remove and release the bottom string from your thumbs. This can be done by using your mouth, or by carefully angling your thumbs so that the bottom string falls.

Step 7: Drop the Pinky String

There should be a loop around your pinkies still. Allow this loop to fall and tighten the string once more.

Step 8: Cup and Saucer

The string should now resemble a cup and saucer. Take the flat edge of the string near your thumbs and grab it by your teeth.

Step 9: Release Your Thumbs

Let go of the string with your thumbs only.

Step 10: Finished Product

You should now have a string that resembles the Eiffel Tower.