Introduction: How to Make the Lava Eyeshadow

this makeup tutorial will let your eyes shine , it will let everyone tell you woooooow you look gorgeous as usual , they will think that you went to a five stars makeup artist , but remember that your beautiful without makeup , but a bit of concealer and a little eyeshadow wont hurt , it will let you be more confident and happy.

so here is a makeup tutorial for you beautiful eyes.

Step 1: Supplies :

1- concealer

2- small brush

3- red eyeshadow

4- black eyeshadow

5- mascara

6- eyeliner

Step 2: Concealing

this step is so important because when you add concealer on your beautiful eyes you let the eyeshadow color show brighter and cleaner than if you just add it without concealer so just add the concealor and you will look gorgeous as usual.

so pick any concealer that matches your skin tone then blend it well with a small brush or a beauty blender.

Step 3: Adding the Red Eyeshadow

pick any red eyeshadow that you have at home or a pink eyeshadow will work the same and apply it on the corner of your eye and blend it with your brush in the shape that the picture shows , then apply a little eyeshadow on the bottom of your eyelid and blend it well.

Step 4: Adding the Black Eyeshadow

now you need to be soooooooo careful with the black eyeshadow because it can get EVERYWHERE and if it got everywhere you will spend the next 3 hours trying to clean all the mess that it made so be careful.

start by applying a really small amount of black eyeshadow on the upper lid of the eye in that small corner that you can see in the picture and bend it well with all the colors on your eye , if you want the colors to look darker add more black eyeshadow and blend it well.

Step 5: Adding Eyeliner

i prefer adding eyeliner before mascara so you can get more comfortable because they will not be a lot of eyelashes jumping in front of the eye

so pick any eyeliner that you find at home and try to create a wing eyeliner i prefer using the eyeliner that is in a form of a pen for beginners this will help you to draw the eyeliner easier and with less mess.

Step 6: Mascara

and last but not least the mascara , i will tell you a secret that will help you a lot in all your life , and the secret is just before applying your mascara on your lashes roll the mascara ( when it is closed of coarse ) and mix it before adding it , this will make your eyelashes thicker and will give them a look like you added fake lashes, and then your done , you can go out now and show all your friends your amazing eyes that you made.

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