Introduction: How to Draw the Best Design of a Dress

as a fashion designer before designing anything i always draw the design of the dress on a paper before designing it , so don't forget to draw before designing , this will help you to organize your ideas before designing .


you will need

1- a white A4 paper

2- a brown pencil

3- a white pencil

4- a skin color pencil

5- a black pencil

6- a yellow pencil

7- a red pencil

8- a eraser

9- a pencil

10- a red marker

Step 1: Sketching the Body

the first step is the most important step , because this step will let you analyze and figure out the shape of the drawing , you need to start by the head of the girl , draw a perfect circle then draw the jawline and the chin , then draw the neck , i prefer making the neck longer , this will make your drawing more organized and clean , after sketching the neck draw the line from the first shoulder to the second you can chose the length that you want depending on the dress that you're going to design , then sketch two hands and try to bring everything together

Step 2: Sketching the Dress

now after you sketched the body draw the dress that you want and erase the leftover pencil from the first step

Step 3: Contouring

this step is my favorite step and it's contouring , this means that you will color the sides or the folded parts of the dress in red pencil as shown in the picture, and with a brown pencil color around the arms and face

Step 4: Coloring

after contouring you need to color the dress , color the skin with the skin color but don't press so hard on it cause if you did the color will show orange , after coloring the skin color the dress with the red marker and the belt with yellow pencil and in the end bring a black pencil and draw on the folded areas with the black pencil

Step 5: Doneeeee

so after you finish drawing your design it will torn out like this