Introduction: How to Make the Tesseract Infinty Stone

Today I will be making the blue Infinity Stone known as the Tesseract from the Avengers movie and Captain America the first avengers movie.

Step 1: Materials Needed

The materials you will need to make this is

- Parchment paper known as wax paper

- A 3.5 x 3.5 clear cube

-Submersible LED lights

- AAA batteries

- Frosted glass spray paint

Step 2: Spraying the Cube

Now you use your frosted glass spray paint and make sure any scratches or fingerprints on the cube is wiped down.Then you spray 2-3 coats on the cube shown in the second picture.Then let the spray sit for 35-45 mins.

Step 3: Starting Up the Party(LED Lights)

So I get my LED lights and I collect my 3 AAA batteries and i put one in each,slot as shown in the picture.I screw the top back on and I press my remote for any color.But the color of the Tesseract is blue so I want to use blue.

Step 4: This Step Was on Accident (Hope Your Reading This) There Was an Extra Step for Nothing (This One)

Step 5: Adding Your Paper and Light✨?

Now that my cube has finished drying I take about one foot of parchment paper and I just crunch it up into a ball.Then I take my LED lights and I put the lights under the paper and on every side of the cube.

Step 6: Finishing Touch!!

Now that I finished my Infinity cube all I need to do is turn on my lights and I'm done (Shown Above).Now you and I have made an Infinity cube so have fun and kick back and watch the avengers movies and think about how it looked in real life but instead look at the cube.

By: Victor Coleman!!!