Introduction: How to Mod a Cheap Speaker, and Make It Sound Better!

Have you ever bought a speaker and it was so cheap it made your ears bleed? well follow these instructions and it'll blow your pants off just like the ghetto blasters you find on Amazon! ;)

Step 1: Materials

soldering gun
flux (optional)
hot glue
hot glue gun
speaker (duh)
replacement driver
Battery (optional)
wire (optional)

Step 2: Take the Speaker Apart

look all around the speaker, remember that companies like to put screws under stickers as if people won't know that they're there (damn communism)

Step 3: Take the Speaker Out

find a way to take the speaker out, they will either slide out, screw off, or be glued or snapped in

Step 4: Put the Driver In

this is where the glue may come in, if it doesn't fit try to modify it to fit. if that still doesn't work then your shit outta luck for this one buddy.

Step 5: Replace the Battery

if you want to replace the battery than read this, but if your lazy or don't want to than why are you reading this. GO ON TO THE NEXT STEP!!!!!!

cut the original battery off and try to solder the new battery into them, the side with the bump on it will be the positive, and the relatively flat side will be ground (the lighter color wire will be positive and the darker color wire, usually black, will be ground)

Step 6: See If It Will Turn On

switch the power button (no I'm not going to make a walk-through on that) to the ON position and check for signs that it works. If it does than your smart! have a cookie!

Step 7: Put It Back Together and Use It!

CAREFULLY (you don't need to break the thing you just modded) put it back together and test it out, you might like the results.

Step 8: Warning

DO NOT do this on expensive audio equipment. I'm pretty sure you didn't buy a $300 boom box just for it to sound like crap anyways.