Introduction: How to Upload on Soundcloud With an Android Device

upload to soundcloud using your mobile Android device!

Step 1: Why Can't You Upload on Mobile With the Soundcloud App?

Nobody knows. You can only record, and unless you have an adapter it's practically useless. They maby did it to be like apple and make more money knowingly pissing a bunch of people off. Other than that, I don't know.

Step 2: Get My Melody Box for Soundcloud

go to your play store and look up my Melody Box. it's 100% safe and commercial free.

Step 3: Open My Melody Boxand Log In

open the app and click on profile and it will ask you to log in. it will be your normal soundcloud account and password, I'd suggest that you don't use the soundcloud connect button as it does have problems.

Step 4: Proof That It Works

just proving it works. the confirmation snapshot will be at the end.

Step 5: Click Upload and Choose Your Song

click on the upload button and click on the grey select audio button at the top of the song title. use your default sound picker and choose the song you want to upload. for this I'll upload a song I made a little bit back called fl and chill.

Step 6: Click on the Upload Button at the Bottom and Wait!

self explanitory

Step 7: Look on Your Profile!

once it's done, take pride that you officially bypassed soundclouds only computer uploading policy!

Step 8: Have Fun!!!!

upload to your limit(if you have one)!
and share your awesome tracks!

And I know this is a little off topic for instructables

but I wanted to share this anyways.


My Melody Box has been taken out of commission, Check my latest instructable on how to do this.