Introduction: How to Organize Plastic Grocery Bags

This is how i fold and store my plastic grocery bags for later crafting. 

Step 1: Folding the Bag

Sorry the order's wierd but, flatten the bag out completely including the handles. Fold in 1/3 or fold in the sides connected to the handles. fold down handles and fold bottom up and theres a neat little square! I do this with big bags and little bags and just stack them biggest to smallest when storing so the small one's don't get forgotten. 

Step 2: Breaking Down the Bag

This is the part that i do right before a project when i know what bags i want to use. Many bags have a logo on just one side so i like to get all those put together. The rest of the bag without the logo can be used for background layers. 

Flatten the bag. Cut off the bottom of the bag thats sealed and chop off the handles. 

Unfold the sides and lay out flat.  Cut down the side of the bag and on the other side of the logo. 

Now you have a clear piece and a clear printed piece as i would categorize them. fold em up and store em for later again or use them right away! 

Step 3: This Is My Little Storage As of Right Now

I had to start a new collection... I just put all my bags in another bag and have them all folded up in categories. I have White, Mercadona, Colors and Patterns, Printed Clear/Clear, and Printed White. tadaa