Introduction: Burlap in Frame

So this is pretty easy and the most time consuming part was probably making the stencil. I broke my mirror... yeah yeah, bad luck... but made the best of it! i found some burlap literally just lying around outside so I picked it up! I washed it in the wash and dried it in the drier. it made it a little bit softer but really didnt change much else. i dont know about different kinds of burlap so its just burlap to me. anyway here are the steps I took during this project! 

Step 1: Stencil

Tools and stuff:

Thick paper for Stencils
Exacto knife to cut out shapes

I had all these things already so I didn't spend a penny. 

First I made the stencils cut with an exacto knife out of a thick paper. I typed up the words and traced it from my computer. Saves ink from printing? Then I put the frame over the burlap and taped everything in it's place. 

Step 2: Sharpie!

Fill in the stencil with the sharpie! Im sure different colors would work but I've only got black. Once that was done I placed it over the frame to see where I would have to cut off the edges. 

Step 3: Cutting Burlap

So I actually stapled the burlap down to the back of the frame before cutting off the edges but forgot to take a picture and I don't like writing out a step without a picture. I like pictures. I had a little trouble with the staples actually going into the frame, but it worked out in the end. The burlap is secured to the back of the frame, front side down. 

Step 4: Cutting Burlap

To cut the burlap, slip out one string along the line where you want to cut. This gives you a space to follow and an even cut. My end result doesn't look that straight because I didn't iron it well and it was all wrinkly. buttttt thats how I did it. 

Step 5: Finish Up

I got it all stapled down and trimmed up. yay! Flip it over and check it out!! 
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