Introduction: How to Pack a Tobacco Pipe

So over the years I have developed a love for the occasional cigar from time to time. However a few years ago, just after my 30th birthday I was introduced to a new love. The Tobacco Pipe. An older co-worker of mine brought me a brand new pipe, cherry tobacco, and a cleaning kit and informed me it was time for me to be a man. SO after spending the next week trying my best to keep the pipe lit to enjoy it and failing every time. I ask the old timer for some help. Sure enough I had it going the first try after his lesson. So being the great guy I am, I will now share this lesson for you. So that you can also sit back and relax the afternoon away too!

Items you will need:

Tobacco Pipe


Pipe Tobacco

Tamp (anything thing with a round circular head will work i.e. a nail head)

Step 1: Lets Get Started

So the mistake I was making when I first started was I was trying to fill the pipe all at once and I had nothing but trouble. The best way to pack it is to do it a little at a time. First pick out a good aromatic tobacco that it slightly moist to touch. The place your pipe in the bag to fill (this prevents a mess.)

Step 2: Packing

Next you want to fill the pipe bowel about 1/4 full and light press it down with your finger. Repeat this step again and this time fill the pipe bowel just past 1/2 full and again use your finger to press the tobacco down but this time slightly more force.

Step 3: Fill Er' Up

Then finally add the last pinch of tobacco to your pipe. You will need to fill to flush with the top of the pipe bowel. This time firmly press the tobacco down with your finger. By following this method you will get a good even pack that allows for air flow at the bottom of your bowel to move easily and keep your fire going.

Step 4: Pack It Down

Use your tamp to press the tobacco down to a good flat surface. You are now ready to light it. Always use a match it will light better and keep your fingers from getting burned. Puff it a few times with lite match over the bowel and it should catch just fine. Sit back. And enjoy your afternoon... like a Hobbit maybe...

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