Introduction: How to Paint a Mountain View Sun Set



Brushes paint: black, white, blue, red, orange, yellow. canvas napkin(optional)

Step 1: Sketching

You start by first having a picture or reference to inspire your paint. Then sketch that out with pencil. By sketching it that tells you where to place your parts of the painting. And you don’t have to but it better if you do.

Step 2: Ocean

Where to start is by adding the ocean part. It’s easy to start from there because it’s just one color. So just get blue on your brush and paint on the part where you sketched it out to be.

Step 3: Sky

To make the fade in the sky you have an option. You can ether brush the colors together by over lapping the colors. Or you can lay out the colors when it’s like straight out the tube and take a napkin/cloth and smudge them together by stroking it. The order it supposed to be layered is: black at the very top dark blue, lighter blue, yellow, orange, and red

Step 4: Mountains

To make the mountains you can use markers. Or you can use black paint to. To make the mountains you just make upward triangles but don’t make them to close together

Step 5: Concussion

What I learned from this is that it’s easier to blend (the sky part) when you do the smudging technique. A problem I ran into was when I was struggling to blend the orange and the blue together.

Step 6: Clouds

To do the clouds just use white paint. You can put them in any shape you want. I did it simple so I just made my clouds like circles. With the tip of your brush is how you make the shape.

Step 7: